Lifestyle Program ,  are designed to give you a tax break and help you save money on expenses that you’re currently paying for out of pocket. These programs enhance the member benefits package offered by Wealthify Lifestyle.

Your Membership offers them for these key reasons:

  • To help you save money. The main advantage of enrolling in Lifestyle Program , such , is that you can save money. WL Program allow you to set aside money from your paycheck before taxes are taken out, and then you use those funds to pay for certain expenses, like doctor copays or prescriptions. As a result, you reduce your taxable income, allowing you to take home more of your hard-earned dollars.
  • To keep you as living lifestyle healthy  as possible. WL Programs, allows you to use pre-tax dollars (essentially, paying less) for routine care, providing additional incentive to stay on top of your living lifestyle  needs. Members who are satisfied with their benefits are more likely to visit the doctor for an annual checkup and avoid putting off important screenings such as mammograms and vision exams.
  • To retain you as an member. While your money  is certainly important, benefits matter a great deal, too. Pre-tax benefits are a benefit everyone should take advantage of, so determine how they can be a fit for you and your family.
  • To help you meet your financial goals. Looking to manage your finances better? Concerned about increasing out-of-pocket living life expenses? WL Program are a great way to better manage out-of-pocket costs for Like:
  • Healthcare, 
  • Dental care, 
  • Vision care, 
  • Utilities Bills,
  •  Cell Phone, 
  • Fitness Center,
  •  Dependent care services, such as preschool, summer day camp,  and much more. If a  is part of your member benefits package, consider how the tax advantages can help you save even more for retirement.
  • To help you take better care of your loved ones. If you have children or other eligible family members who depend on you throughout the year, a can make child or adult daycare more affordable and allow you to take care of your loved ones while you go to work. Plus, WL Program can be used to pay for eligible healthcare expenses not just for you, but for your qualifying children and spouse as well.

Ready to start saving? Simply sign up during your Membership Program. Contact your Advise  representative or Wealthify Lifestyle advisor administrator .

How The Program Works

The Wealthify Lifestyle  Program helps you investigate your Debs and expenses risks, get support and information, and track progress against your  goals over time.

You first complete a living lifestyle  assessment and get a customized your member  plan. Your individual plan is based on a powerful interactive financial  assessment that was developed by a team of Wealthify  and Lifestyle -statistical experts.

Improve the quality of your financial  to lower your debit and cut- costs.

Save money while maintaining a living lifestyle

These Member program are designed to make the life members  live – especially time outside of busy time-work – even more enjoyable