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Our mission is to create a world where each person has the opportunity to live a better lifestyle, with quality, enjoy life in its entirety with fullness, healthy, achieve goals and at the same time obtain financial freedom.



Be able to obtain full financial freedom, and in turn make your dreams come true for you and yours.


Our company offers you multiple solutions at the financial level, putting in your hands the power to make a better lifestyle change for you and yours. obtaining the financial freedom so much desired by you and yours, in your hands.
solutions on a personal and professional level, obtaining a better full lifestyle.



Most of us, we think that the best way to have a full life is to have been born into a family with ancestry, surname, with a lot of money, a millionaire, be a doctor, architect, owner of a large company and everything is done with effort, persistence, will, integrity, education, save a lot, for a long time, throughout your life.

It is not about spending or investing for what you work every day, all the effort you make, to achieve your goals, maybe you do not have good credit, good work, maybe you never performed at a professional level due to lack of money, credit , contacts in the professional environment.

Our company offers you solutions to your problems, in order to achieve your goals

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Wealthify Lifestyle

Living a better lifestyle

Live a Rich Life While Building Wealth ! You look for financial freedom, to be able to have time and money to be able to do and enjoy the things you so desire.

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Change your Lifestyle !

We all have a dream. This is true when it comes to money too. The question is, what holds us back from achieving your financial dreams? Money! but we are the alternative! We are the solution or answer to your problems!

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We Buy Houses!

Any Area...Any Condition...Any Reason!

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House Program

Home Buyer! We offer a home purchase program: No Credit!

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Real Estate Investor Program

The real estate program offers you great services and benefits. Imagine the great opportunity to start, with effectiveness and power to have the privilege of obtaining knowledge, the support of the great gurus in the field of Real Estate and to achieve a radical change in their lifestyle. Don;'t Worry.! Bad credit score? It’s just a number. It doesn’t define you. Don’t let your credit score prevent you from investing in real estate. Don’t wait until your credit score is better to start.

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Mentoring Program & Coach

Invest in you, your future, create legacy for you and yours, in the present and future for your generations financial freedom on your own terms.

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When preparing a college fund, no financial resource should be ignored. Education are one of the most priority , and most valuable, With the right Education Program, Wealthify Lifestyle , students can make their dreams of a higher education a reality.

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Car Program

Getting Behind The wheel ! This program offers you great possibilities and the necessary services so that you can achieve one of your greatest desired goals on a personal level. Having a vehicle is not a luxury, it is a necessity, at present, to have the reassurance of taking your children to school, not worrying about whether or not it catches up, the high payment or maintenance cost, traveling with your family, forgetting the problems of credit and documentation. Getting great savings in getting on the wheel and managing what you really want, living on your own terms

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Travel Program

Our company offers a program specially designed for those who want to enjoy their life in full, without frustration or economic dilemmas is designed to fully enjoy your vacation lifetime.

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Are You! ready to go College, we can help you, too expend less of you think. Forget the big debt of lifetime loans, to give your children a study! Forget natural resources and applications, headaches, how are you going to send your children to school, take out loans from the equity of your home, risking your present and financial future.

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Retirement Program

Are you thinking of retiring? Are you retired? Do you want to retire at an early age? Retirement Program : We are your answer and solution

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International home!

Enjoying your retirement is what you want the most, at the moment of fully living and enjoying to the fullest a new stage full of new adventures, and knowing the world

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Freedom is Everything

Life is Once !

Formal education will make you a living, Self Education will make you a Fortune. Decide what it is you want, Make no apologies, give no explanations and feel no quilt when you walk away from people who mishandle , hurt and disrespect You.

Are you are ready to take control of your time and new lifestyle

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William Jones:Interior Architect

“I recently completed my lifestyle sessions. The experience was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I had to come to terms with how much I don’t know about the subject of money, how much I thought I knew and don’t, and the anger and upset I felt for not having been taught some of these principles at an early age. The other aspects I had to deal with were fear, being clear about what it is I truly want, and my resistance to planning and teamwork. Thanks to your program I’ve stopped hiding, lying to myself, and transformed my relationship with teamwork. I am no longer a person who chooses to operate on an island. I am now actively seeking a community of like-minded individuals who are aligned with me in creating financial freedom. Some of the results I’ve experienced out of the coaching program are: I’ve setup an investment trip with a potential mentor and after years of being in the industry, I’ve written my mission statement. But, most important of all, I am excited about my future and the possibility of financial freedom. It no longer exists as a hope, wish, or a dream. I now have the tools to create it in reality.” “Thank you, thank you for the business program! It has kept me not only committed, but very focused on my financial success.”

William Jones

Michael Kross:Architect JKHomes

“For me, one of the many benefits of lifestyle program was knowing that I had someone to talk to, who could point me in the right direction to understanding my financial statement, show me how to analyze and evaluate real estate investment deals, work with me to explore different options for increasing my cash flow (including the viability of paying off debt) and learning how to put aside my fear of failing, or worse yet, losing lots of money. I am so thankful that I made the choice to learn to be wealth using the lifestyle program. It was money and time well spent. Many thanks to you, your wonderful advisors and my amazing personal . I feel empowered and excited about my future.”

Michael Kross

Lisa Tyler:Travel

“By committing to the Wealth Program, we made the decision that we no longer wanted to be a part of the “99 % people ” and wanted to live a life of financial freedom. The wealthify lifestyle program required that we stop and actually think beyond the “lifestyle” that we were stuck in. Our weekly homework assignments required us to stop and give great thought to our present situation as well as our hopes and dreams. By following the program, our knowledge of finance and business increased exponentially. It has changed our focus from life, to the freedoms of the new lifestyle. The lifestyle program opened our eyes and gave us the ability to see how differently the rich think, know and do. Learning the ways that they use money to make them more money verses how the masses use their money to get doodads. It clearly illustrated how making that shift in thinking about money can make a huge impact in our life.”

Lisa  Tyler

Julia Travis:Real Estate Investor

Dear Victor and Jak, The Lifestyle program was one of the best investments I ever made. I made much faster progress in the first three months than I ever did with my own attempt and my Coach was a phenomenal help! With his assistance I went from overwhelmed and confused to being able to converse with real estate professionals intelligently – which really upped my confidence level. I just want to thank you for providing this service because I know it will help many people as it helped me. Sincerely,

Julia Travis


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